Toys and Collectibles Galore at DesignerCon

Posted by Michael Phan on

Where can you find art, toy makers and collectibles all in one place? Well we were fortunate enough to get press access to one of the West Coast's best toys and collectibles shows!  We bring you DesignerCon 2018 coverage from the Anaheim Convention Center!

It only makes sense that we attend DesignerCon since it's part of our business in the toys and collectibles marketplace!  There is always so much talent and a plethora of amazing artists that gather every prior year in Pasadena and now the show has moved to Anaheim. We find the Anaheim Convention Halls to be a lot more engaging but maybe we're just bias.

Things that caught our attention this year were the retro meets modern.  Lots of artists are bringing a sense of nostalgia and the 80s and 90s have come back in full swing!  You can see it throughout all the merchandise from the show floor.  Be sure to lookout in 2019 for even more retro revitalization's.  Join In, Nerd Out!


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