Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2019

Posted by Michael Phan on

Made our way to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire this year and went in full renaissance garb attire! I think our little group of misfits looked more like a goth rock band than we were renaissance artists but what an amazing experience it was!

We've been attending the Renaissance Pleasure Faire as early as 2009 and some of our staff are veterans when it comes to experiencing the faire!  If it's your first time attending, be sure to bring sunblock as you are spending an entire day out in the sun at the Santa Fe Dam.  There's a giant food court area where you can discover many vendors selling sandwiches, turkey legs, and plenty of mead!

One of the main highlights is watching the knights joust it out!  What a spectacle that is to experience a live jousting event with the king and queen partaking. At the end of the event, you can even purchase broken jousting gear from the tournament to take home as a souvenir.

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